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Our lifetime support commitment to you

Some hot tub & swim spa retailers will just sell you a hot tub or swim spa and then they are unable to provide you anything you need to keep it running. We are not one of those spa retailers.


We are not just here to provide you with the best multiple award-winning hot tubs and swim spas on the market. We also provide all the chemicals, equipment, parts, and accessories needed to keep your new spa in working order. We have a wide range of spa cleaning products, replacement spa filters, pumps, and anything else you may need, available whenever you need. We always keep extensive stock, which means we can either instantly supply the spa part you need or source it for you, no matter how hard it is to find.


At Penguin Spas, we aim to be your one-stop shop for all things spa-related. Our product knowledge is second to none and we take pride in being able to offer you our lifetime support commitment.

Our Team of Hot Tub & Swim Spa Experts

Motivation, Innovation, Teamwork

We share fundamental values such as teamwork, humility, diversity and commitment and we believe that there is always room for improvement. Every person is key to the success of the company, and it is our collective energy that allows us to create elaborate products and key services which helps to improve people’s health and lifestyle.  


Our Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices sets out the values and principles that guide our actions and relationship with our customers, partners, suppliers and all the communities where we are present.

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