Penguin Leisure Group is devoted in creating and supplying products and services  which help to improve people’s health and lifestyle. Penguin Group products provide relaxation, stress relief, enhance wellbeing and support beneficial aquatic exercise. All our products and services are carefully selected, designed and manufactured, and we strive to constantly improve ourselves and the products and services we deliver. 

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Current Vacancies

We can only succeed if we provide really good service to all our customers, achieving that is in the hands of our team – both on the front line and behind the scenes – which is why we place our people at the heart of everything we do.

Franchise Opportunities 

What's better than relaxing in a steamy hot tub at the end of a long day? Or entertaining family or guests in a new spa? Helping people relieve some stress or making a party more fun is only part of owning a hot tub business. Hot tub and spa franchises are the perfect opportunity to own your own business and have a career you enjoy.

Penguin Wellbeing Blog


Written by experts, our articles cover everything from hot tub shopping tips and side-by-side model comparisons to spa maintenance requirements and health and wellness benefits