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MSpa PREMIUM Series Hot Tubs

Designed to deliver a holistic, full body experience

The PREMIUM bubble spa treatment is designed to deliver a holistic, full body experience. Warm air is pushed through the 360-degree staggered air jets, creating thousands of bubbles. Just enjoy being surrounded and massaged by bubbles completely.

Plug & Play

Fill with Water. Plug In. Enjoy Penguin Spas 

Our range of 'Plug and Play' hot tubs means that they simply require you to insert the plug into a normal household electrical socket for the hot tub to operate reducing the need of you installing dedicated wiring. Simply fill your hot tub with water, plug in and turn on. Portable and perfect for areas that no other Hot Tub can be installed.

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Gemstone Series Hot Tubs


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Direct contact with our customers is important to us. Do you have questions about our products or services? Contact us, we are here for you.

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