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Champagne in Hot Tub

Scotland's largest selection of award-winning, energy efficient hot tubs and spas

Choosing the right hot tub or spa for you and your family can be confusing, especially with so many different hot tub brands, models and options coming over to the UK.


Here at Penguin Hot Tubs and Spas we have selected a large selection of the most advanced Hot Tubs in the market, each with a unique stylish and contemporary look, they are sure to blend neatly into any garden.

Penguin Spas know everyone has a budget in mind. No matter how large or how small your budget is with Penguin Spas you can expect the same quality, safety, reliability and above all customer service.

Buying a hot tub from Penguin Spas ensures that if you choose a hot tub of any price, all our products are as committed to quality as they are to efficiency.


Even our cheapest prices and packages will ensure that your Hot Tub experience is as luxurious as ever with warm water powered by stainless steel jets, you’ll soon find the stress of everyday life melting away.

Discover the Difference of Penguin Spas

Next Generation Spa Experience

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