The AquaSPArkle Mini Kwik Chlorine tablets are an incredibly simple way to maintain precise chlorination levels in your inflatable portable hot tub. These water treatment tablets can be added to a chemical floater to tweak chlorine levels as they dissolve rapidly. With minimal impact on pH levels, they are high beneficial for your inflatable hot tub. As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be carefully read and followed.


Application Instructions


Floating Dispenser - Fill the floating dispenser with AquaSPArkle Mini Chlorine tablets and adjust the aperture mechanism at the bottom of the dispenser to obtain the 3–5 mg/l (ppm) desired range. Alternatively keep the dispenser aperture constant and vary the tablets inside to achieve 3–5 mg/l (ppm). The dispenser should be removed from the hot tub while bathing.


Note: As these tablets release chlorine relatively slowly it may be necessary to shock dose or oxidise prior to their use to first establish some chlorine more rapidly.

AquaSPArkle 2.7g Mini Kwik Chlorine Tablets - 486g

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