Eco3spa is the complete, environmentally friendly hot tub water treatment. Kind to skin and eyes. Kind to the environment. Lasts for 3 months!


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hydrates skin and does not irritate
  • Non-corrosive, non-acidic, no toxic residue
  • Protects hot tub equipment, pillows, and cover from chemical damage
  • Safe to discard water onto garden plants
  • Fully recyclable packaging


The pack contains three components.


Step 1 Hot Tub Cleaner

An environmentally friendly biofilm remover that cleans biofilm and scale from all hot tub surfaces. Non-corrosive, non-acidic and will not damage your hot tub cover or equipment. Safe to discard on garden plants and grass use every 3 months to keep your hot tub clean and safe.


Step 2 Water Conditioner

Contains natural coconut, minerals and plant enzymes and creates soft and silky water that hydrates your skin. Non-irritant to skin and eyes. Stabilises water pH and alkalinity, reduces the need for filter cleaning. Use monthly to keep water soft and smooth.


Step 3 Santising Tablets

Gently destroy harmful bacteria and organic impurities using the power of Active Oxygen. These tablets will not irritate skin or eyes, have no unpleasant smell or bleaching effect, and will not damage hot tub cover, pillows or equipment. eco3spa keeps your hot tub water clean and safe without any harsh chemicals or environmental damage.


Clean, Clear, Chlorine-Free Water - Naturally!

  • Keeps your hot tub water clean, clear and chlorine-free for at least 3 months using the power of natural enzymes and active Oxygen
  • Coconut extract leaves your skin soft and hydrated with no irritation
  • No unpleasant smell or toxic side-effects
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly. All components can safely be discarded onto garden plants.

Chlorine free - eco3spa Hot Tub Natural Water Care Treatment Kit


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