The Complete AquaSPArkle Bromine Starter Kit includes everything you need to begin using your new hot tub or spa, using a bromine as a sanitiser - Save money & get all the chemicals you need from Penguin Hot Tubs.


The AquaSPArkle Spa Complete Bromine Starter Kit includes:

  • 500g Bromine Granules
  • 750g pH Minus
  • 500g pH Plus
  • 500ml Foam Away
  • 1 x Spa Fusion Oxidiser
  • 2 x Spa Filter Cartridge Immerse Cleaner
  • 3 Way Test Strips


AquaSPArkle Complete Water Care Kit is a handy kit providing a comprehensive range of essential spa treatment chemicals with additional maintenance products.


Watch the AquaSPArkle "How to look after your hot tub water" video HERE

Bromine – AquaSPArkle Complete Spa Starter Kit

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