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Oasis Swim Spas - World leaders in swim spa technology

For those who want the ultimate swim experience with more power and more natural water flow we created a completely new swim system.

The strength of a major international swim spa manufacturer

Oasis Swim Spas is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of swim spas. The company is so well respected for its quality and expertise, they produce swim spas and hot tubs under license for many of the world’s largest spa brands.

Oasis Spas are one of the top three swim spa manufacturers in the world and are proudly number one in Europe. This is due to their expertise and ongoing research combined with their drive to remain the world leaders in swim spa and hot tub technology. 

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Order your swim spa today and we will supply and install a iNHEAT 9kW Energy Efficient air source heat pump with full invertor technology which will save you around 73% energy consumption

Offer closes: 2nd May 2023

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