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Testing your hot tub or spa water on a regular basis is an essential part of maintaining the correct chemical balance. Poor water chemistry can lead to irritation and discomfort whilst bathing as well as increasing the amount of chemicals you are using.

That is why, here at Penguin Spas we supply a great range of Insta-TEST Pool and Spa Test Strips which allows user to just dip the strip into the water and receive accurate, instant results. The formula is designed for stable colour development to allow adequate time for the user to match very distinct colours along with preventing cross-contamination between pads.

  • The only test strip with no required waiting period!

  • Pop-top caps are easy to open and shut - guaranteed for 1,000+ openings.

  • The patented test strip vial has a moulded desiccant liner, protecting the strips from moisture intrusion and eliminating loose desiccant bags.

  • Measures free chlorine or bromine on one test strip.

Balance your water

Free in-store hot tub and spa water testing
FREE In-Store Water Testing

Are you having problems with the water quality of your hot tub?  Penguin Hot Tubs offers FREE computerised water analysis for your hot tub, pool or spa in-store.