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BaltoScandia Handcrafted Wooden Cold Plunge Ice Baths

Handcrafted wood Ice Baths complete with optional water temperature control system. Take your Ice Bath experience to the next level with a BaltoScandia Ice Bath

ORDER TODAY and get: FREE Delivery, FREE placement and FREE installation (t&c's apply)

Ice Baths: Experience faster recovery, fewer muscle aches, and even a better night’s sleep

Research is revealing that taking an ice bath can help with recovery, reduce pain, alleviate depression and anxiety, lower stress, stimulate weight-loss, improve mood and brain function, and can help strengthen one’s immune system. The best part: A BaltoScandia Ice Bath can be used year-round. Whether you need to cool off during a summer day or embrace your inner polar bear in the middle of winter, the health benefits are yours for the taking

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