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What are the 10 Health Benefits of owning a Wood Fired Hot Tub?

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Did you know that soaking in a wood fired hot tub regularly can be good for your health? That’s right! Wood fired hot tubs are great for so much more than just a relaxing and comfortable soak every now and then. Wood fired Hot tubs can be very beneficial to your health, and for so many reasons. They can offer a wide variety of health benefits and they are also useful for people who are looking to kick back and relax.

What are the 10 Health Benefits of owning a Wood Fired Hot Tub?
What are the 10 Health Benefits of owning a Wood Fired Hot Tub?

For over 10 years, Penguin Spas has provided hot tubs to some of the largest sporting events across the UK in support of improving athletes’ performance, so our team decided to look into the wider health benefits of owning a wood fired hot tub by writing this blog with 10 key health benefits of owning a wood fired hot tub which we hope you will enjoy the read.

1. Stress relief

One of the most obvious benefits of a wood fired hot tub is the potential to help ease the tensions of the day. The soothing effect of the warm water and massaging action may help relieve physical, emotional, and mental stress. If you like, you can boost this stress-relieving effect even further with soft music, low lighting, or aromatherapy.

2. Relief from aches and pains

Soaking in a wood fired hot tub may relieve some types of pain by relaxing tense muscles, joints, and tendons. Immersion, buoyancy, heat, and vibration (if you’ve got jets) all have useful biological and sensory effects, many of which are useful to people with aches and pains as the water supports your body and takes weight off joints, which helps improve flexibility and range of motion.

3. Minimise the pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia or other joint and bone pain

If you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other joint and bone pain, it can be hard to perform routine daily tasks, stay active, and get the exercise you need. Warm water therapy has been used for years as an alternative therapy to help you stay loose and active. Performing water resistance exercises in your wood fired hot tub can provide extra benefits to your joints and muscles.

Dr. Daniel Hass, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, explains that water applies a mild upward pressure on your body which makes you up to 90% lighter. This lowers the impact of exercise on your joints. Dr. Hass also notes that water has 12 times the resistance of air, which helps you build muscle quicker than you could on land.

4. Muscle relaxation and recovery

Many athletes use hot tubs to improve their performance. For example, soaking in a wood fired hot tub, jacuzzi styled hot tub or even a hot bath before a game or competition helps warm up your muscles so you are more ready to compete. Athletes also use hot tubs after a workout for muscle and pain relief and to help them recover faster. In fact, many use a combination of hot and cold therapy to treat pain. Most professional sports teams have noticed the hot tub health benefits and provide team hot tubs.

5. Relief from headaches

Like the tension throughout the rest of your body, a wood fired hot tub can help you release the tension that may be contributing to your headache. A combination of the warm water and the relaxing feeling of the jets on your spine and neck can help reduce the occurrence of headaches as well as any that may be in progress. Relaxation is the name of the game when it comes to an ideal hot tub experience – and can also be the perfect remedy to clear you of your headaches.

6. Improved sleep

According to research, the simple relaxation gained from a soak in a wood fired hot tub may be enough to help you drift off into a more peaceful sleep. Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin analysed thousands of studies on "water-based passive body heating" or bathing and showering with hot water. The biomedical engineers found that bathing between one and two hours before bedtime in water between 40C (105F) and 42C (109F) can significantly improve sleep - here at Penguin Spas we would only recommend a maximum water temperature of 40C (105F).

7. Encourage weight loss

Many people ask, “Can I lose weight by using a wood fired hot tub?” While wood fired hot tubs aren’t designed to make you lose weight, they help lower stress levels and improve recovery after workouts, which can contribute to a healthier weight. Loughborough University in the United Kingdom conducted a small but noteworthy study on the effects of heat therapy. Lead researcher Dr. Steve Faulkner noted their primary aim was to investigate the body’s response to heat therapy, otherwise known as thermal therapy, compared to exercise. The researchers found that an hour-long hot bath can burn 130 calories, which is about the same amount you would burn from a 30-minute walk. Read Dr. Steve Faulkner report

8. Emotional Health

Unfortunately, many people struggle with emotional health issues. There are many reasons why people might get stressed out or feel anxious and depressed. Mainly, these emotional conditions might be related to life and work balance. Perhaps, you are experiencing a rough time at your job or maybe, you are having problems related to your personal life or health. Whatever the case, allowing a relaxing moment for yourself in the comfort of a beautiful wood fired hot tub might be able to do wonders for your emotional health. You could definitely consider the many benefits that a wood fired hot tubs can offer in order to enjoy a much better quality of life.

9. Hot Tubs Can Improve Your Self Esteem

Taking care of your general health and wellbeing will shine through both on the inside and outside. By using your wood fired hot tub and taking advantage of all the natural health benefits hydrotherapy provides, you will begin to feel better, exuding a sense of confidence and increased self-esteem. Your wood fired hot tub is your own personal stress reducing, sleep improving, flexibility increasing dream machine and the benefits will come through in all areas of your life.

10. Quality time with family and friends

There is no time like family time! This is the reason why wood fired hot tubs are perfect for people who are looking to get together with their families and friends who want to spend some quality time together, especially in the beautiful comfort of their homes. The best part about spending time with your family in a wood fired hot tub? It’s a technology-free zone. That’s right, forget the modern pieces of technology that often distract loved ones from spending real, quality time together. So next time you go for a soak with your family in the hot tub, be assured that laptops, tablets, mobile devices, TV’s and more will be left in the house and out of sight.


While a wood fired hot tub may not be a cure all for life, it can definitely help to improve the overall quality of your day to day. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting a wood fired hot tub, the return benefits speak for themselves. Together we can find the perfect tub to meet you and your family’s needs. Contact us today!


What is the best wood fired hot tub to buy UK?

Buying a new wood fired hot tub is always an exciting experience, but there are so many options to choose from and can sometimes be difficult to narrow down the best wood fired hot tub for your needs. Penguin Spas is here to help. Our mission is to help you choose your perfect wood fired hot tub for you to enjoy and relax.

Traditional Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Traditional Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Choose the very best from our range of traditional Scandinavian wood fired hot tubs that have been designed to be simple and timeless with an elemental everlasting design.

Fiberglass Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Fiberglass Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Choose from our exclusive premium collection of BaltoScandia eco-friendly handcrafted luxury fiberglass wood fired hot tubs with Scandinavian Thermowood cladding.

Stainless Steel Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Stainless Steel Wood Fired Hot Tubs

View our beautifully UK designed stainless steel wood fired hot tubs. Our range of Stainless-steel hot tubs are eco-friendly in the environment and green by their nature.

Plunge Cold Tubs Ice Baths

Plunge Cold Tubs

Cold water and ice therapy with our plunge tub. After enjoying the hot tub or sauna, many bathers will quickly cool themselves down by getting into a cold plunge pool or ice bath.

Accessories for your wood fired hot tub


Make your wood fired hot tub experience more pleasurable with our large range of accessories including hydrotherapy jets, sand filtration system, salts, and chemicals.


About Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living

Here at Penguin Spa Premium Outdoor Living, we are passionate about delivering the best quality hot tubs, best in energy efficiency, great value for money, and unbeatable customer service. Our friendly team is here to help you choose the right hot tub for your needs and your budget.

Award Winning Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living Showroom - Scotland
Award Winning Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living Showroom - Scotland

Penguin Spas AWARDS Energy Efficiency and showroom of the year

Our new Scottish outdoor living showroom is an oasis of calm, showcasing a large selection of multiple award-winning hot tubs, wood fired hot tubs and accessories we have to offer. Based in Yieldshields, near Carluke – right in the central belt of Scotland – we are within easy reach of the M74 & M8 motorway network and less than 35-minute drive to the city of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Since 2012, Penguin Spas Outdoor Living have been devoted at creating and supplying elaborate products which are all designed to help improve people’s health, wellbeing, wellness, and happiness.

All our premium products are carefully designed and manufactured, and we strive to constantly improve ourselves and the products we deliver. We embrace new technologies and understand the importance of delivering reliable and durable products which help to improve our customers lives.

Do you want to know more about our range of multiple award-winning, energy efficient hot tubs available here in Scotland?

Here at Penguin Spas, we are proud to be the only official Scottish dealer of award-winning, energy efficiency gold standard hot tubs and swim spas from UK designed Sunbeach Spas and the world’s premier spa brand Oasis Spas

Both manufacturers of the Sunbeach Spas and the Oasis Spas have created a complete insulation energy saving system that reduces energy consumption to save you money. You can have peace of mind that your hot tub or swim spa will be hot and ready for you, without costly energy bills.

Sunbeach Spas Award Winning

Sunbeach Spas are leading the hot tub and swim spa industry with energy efficient SmartSpa™ R10 insulation and cutting edge technology. The multiple award-winning Sunbeach Spas are all designed here in the UK and are manufactured with the newest industry features which the company consistently pushes the industry forward with innovative designs and features.

Eco Spas

Eco Spas are committed at improving the wellbeing of people and the health of our planet. Eco Spas is proud to be at the forefront of energy efficiency hot tub design and manufacture. Each of our holiday park hot tubs have been carefully designed here in the UK in compliance with current safety guidance written by the Health and Safety Executive (HSG282) which provides constant efficiency and immediate use while ensuring utmost hygiene and guaranteeing the easiest maintenance possible resulting in an experience that becomes an asset to your business.

Oasis Spas

Oasis Spas are built by one of the world’s largest international hot tub and swim spa manufacturers who distribute products in 40 countries around the world. Oasis Spas are built to last with premium components and the thickest shells on the market. The Power Saver Technology with SmartSpa+™ R10 insulation will save you thousands over the life of your hot tub or swim spa and the Easy-Care Technology makes maintenance simple.


Wood Fired Hot Tubs

We know a lot of thought and research goes into buying a hot tub and if you have not already seen a wood fired hot tub, we would strongly encourage you to come to our new outdoor living showroom where you can view the European Product Design Award Hot Tub from Tubmarine and a range of BaltoScandia wood-fired hot tubs.

Tubmarine Stainless steel wood fired hot tub

Tubmarine: Since 2013,Tubmarine founder Chris Galley has worked with the engineers and suppliers throughout the UK and Europe to arrive at the new hot tub design. The end result is a hot tub that requires absolutely no electricity, heats up in less than two hours and is easy to maintain.

BaltoScandia Wood Fired Hot Tubs

BaltoScandia Wood-Fired Hot Tubs: BaltoScandia is on a mission to bring a practical, aesthetic Scandinavian lifestyle to every garden across the UK. Our hot tubs, saunas, and cabins are manufactured with great care and workmanship at a competitive price point, without compromising on quality.


Outdoor Living Premium Range

As our company has grown so has our passion to create amazing outdoor spaces. Whatever style garden you have, large or small, you want it to be a place that you can relax in, and escape to. As well as the obvious perks of getting more fresh air and sunlight, there are lots of other benefits of an ideal outdoor living spaces.

Creating an outdoor living space will provide an additional space in your home to relax and unwind. Expand the space that you already have available to you. A casual living space in the garden is also the perfect place to entertain guests, to provide seating, and mingling space to enjoy evening drinks or a BBQ. Create a functional and enjoyable area for you and your family to use in the garden, whatever the weather.

BaltoScandia Outdoor Living Range

BaltoScandia is a family-owned company founded with a clear objective: to create and design a premium line of Scandinavian designed outdoor living products like no other. There collection of premium Scandinavian designed cosy BBQ huts, grill cabins, glamping pods, glamping cubes, sauna cabins, sauna barrels and hot tub enclosures are all designed for private, and business uses.

Alfa Forni Outdoor Pizza Ovens – Made in Italy

Alfa Forni Pizza Ovens - Everybody Loves Restaurant Quality Pizza. Now You Can Enjoy it at Home with an Alfa Oven! Turning a traditional tool like an oven into a designer object acclaimed all over the world as a standard-bearer for “Made in Italy” and high-quality has always been the mission of the Alfa family. That is why Alfa ovens are conceived and designed as professional ovens that guarantee excellent results in baking pizza, bread and then some combined with unparalleled ease of use and maintenance.

RB73 Outdoor Stoves – Made in Netherlands

The story of RB73 is a story of passion for fire. But also of beautiful and timeless products. Handmade by professionals with love for the product. Enjoy beautiful moments, enjoy staying outside! Think of warm summer evenings, but also throughout the rest of the year there are often beautiful days when an outdoor fireplace can be used to give that wonderful extra warmth and atmosphere on your terrace. The fires have glass fronted doors so you do not suffer from smoke, ash or sparks on the terrace.

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