Aquatic Exercise by Penguin Spas

Designed around a state-of-the-art propulsion system

with professional workout in mind. 

The most advanced Swim Spas in the market

Our swim spa collection are the ideal choice for those looking for an endless swimming pool or fitness pool, and an alternative to a traditional swimming pool.

Penguin Swim Spas are the ideal recreation and training devices for anybody who wants to relax, keep themselves fit or train for the upcoming swimming competitions. We created two distinctively different series for recreational and more demanding swim applications.


At Penguin Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, we provide superior design and performance in our aquatic marathon treadmill pools. In turn, clinicians and sports medicine professionals utilise our products to elevate physical rehabilitation, wellness and athletic performance to unprecedented levels of efficiency and intensity.

Leisure Swim Spas

Aquatic Exercise in Your Backyard

PRO Swim Spas with Treadmill

Professional Aquatic & Underwater Workout

PRO Swim Spas

Professional Aquatic Workout