Aquablanc O2 Gentle is a fantastic new non-chlorine system for maintaining crystal clear & bacteria free swimming pool water. Supplied as a convenient twin sachet system, O2 Gentle provides water that is kinder to your skin, eyes & hair through oxygen-based disinfection. O2 Gentle also contains clarifying properties & minimises scale formation making it the ideal product for maintaining optimum water quality.


Each Kit Contains

  • 12 x 220g Sachet A
  • 12 x 50ml Sachet B
  • Essential information guide


About Aquablance 02 Gentle Pool Water Treatment System
This Chlorine-free disinfection, based on active oxygen is non-odorous, gentle, and soft to the skin, eyes, and hair of swimming pool users. The effectiveness of the disinfection process is enhanced through the use of the algaecide, the second component. Together the two 02 components create a reliable water treatment system that guarantees optimal water quality.


In addition, the water treatment system includes substances to clarify water thus ensuring water remains crystal clear. Finally, scale prevention and pH buffering agents are included to ensure operating on the 02 gentle system is simple and complete.


Setting up your pool to use 02 Gentle
Filtration and circulation – most swimming pools include a pump and filtration unit (sand or filter cartridge) as standard. It is a combination of circulating water through the filtration unit to collect suspended debris, together with good chemical water treatment, that helps you maintain clear, clean, and healthy water.


Ensure the integrity of your circulation pump and filtration unit are in full working order prior to using 02 Gentle (backwashing of sand filtration units to remove debris and/or cleaning cartridges may be required).


As a guide to running circulation, you should aim to ‘turn’ the full volume of water through the filtration unit at least once per day.


Water testing and ideal pool levels – using Aquablanc test strips or the Aquablanc pooltester, you are able to quickly and accurately asses the condition of your water and (where necessary) make adjustments to these levels using appropriate chemicals.


By using regular testing you will soon learn how various dynamics like refilling up, adding chemicals and general usage can affect your water.

Aquablanc - Swimming Pool O2 Gentle Water Treatment Kit

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