AquaSPArkle Hot Tub Flush has been specially formulated to remove the build-up of soaps & oily deposits that can build up over time in spa pipework. If not treated, a bio-film (bacterial film) can develop which can harbour harmful bacteria and reduce disinfectant efficiency. This product should be applied just prior to draining and re-filling your spa.


Hot Tub flush is a powerful liquid pipework cleaner. Use just prior to draining down the hot tub.


Application Instructions

  1. Apply product directly to the spa skimmer basket whilst the pumps are turned on to aid distribution.
  2. Leave the treated hot tub for a minimum of 12 hours (i.e. overnight) prior to draining down and replacing hot tub wate

AquaSPArkle - Hot Tub Flush 0.5 litre

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