AquaSparkle Pure Spa Salt is graded to be suitable for use with hot tub and spa salt water sanitising systems. Adding Pure Spa Salt to your hot tub enables the sanitising system to generate free chlorine which disinfects your hot tub water, keeping it safe and bacteria free. The AquaSPArkle Pure Spa Salt contains no anti-caking agents that could otherwise affect the sanitising cell.


Application instructions

  • Balance the hot tub water in accordance with the guidelines in your hot tub owner's manual.
  • Whilst the circulation system and jets are running, slowly apply the required amount of Aquasparkle Pure Spa Salt into the filter compartment, one scoop (approx 75g) at a time, until the correct amount has been added.
  • Allow the jets to run for an additional 5 minutes to ensure the salt is fully dissolved.
  • Periodically a top-up dose may be required to ensure the salt level is maintained.

AquaSPArkle Pure Spa Salt 5kg

£12.00 Regular Price
£10.56Sale Price
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