AquaBlanc Active Oxygen Spa/Hot Tub Starter Kit - Active Oxygen is a gentle, odour-less alternative to the traditional method of disinfecting your Hot Tub or Spa water with chlorine or bromine, suitable for bathers with sensitivities to  chlorine/bromine or those who prefer a gentle, odour free bathing environment.


The AquaBlanc System is a Non-Chlorine, Active Oxygen Treatment in a 2-step system for domestic hot tubs and spas:


The Aquablanc Spa Starter Pack (non chlorine) comprises of:


  • Aquablanc O2 Tablets 1Kg
  • Aquablanc Combination A liquid 1L
  • pH Minus 750g
  • pH Plus 500g
  • TA Plus 500g
  • Aquablanc test strips and a free floating dispenser
  • Aquablanc Spa Guide


Aquablanc O2 Tablets 1Kg

A more gentle approach to spa care, these O2 Tablets are a non-chlorine active oxygen treatment for your hot tub.


Aquablanc Combination A liquid 1L

Aquablanc Combination A liquid is part of a non-chlorine active oxygen system used in conjunction with the Aquablanc O2 tablets. This dual-action treatment provides non-chlorine disinfection of your hot tub whilst promoting soft, gentle water.


pH Minus 750g

Test the pH of your spa water and if it is above 7.6, use AquaSPArkle Spa pH Minus to lower it. Spa pH Minus can also be used for lowering Total Alkalinity if it rises above 150mg/l (ppm).


pH Plus 500g

Test the pH of your spa water and if it is below 7.2, use AquaSPArkle pH Plus to raise it.


TA Plus 500g

TA Raiser is a rapid dissolving powder which is used for increasing the total alkalinity of swimming pool water. Apply when total alkalinity falls below 80mg/l (ppm) and then maintain the total alkalinity within the desired range of 80 - 150mg/l (ppm).


Aquablanc test strips and a free floating dispenser

The Aquablanc & Active Oxygen test strips are easy to use and test for Active Oxygen, Total Alkalinity and pH in your pool or spa water. The dispenser slowly releases sanitiser and can be used with either hot tub Chlorine, Bromine or Active Oxygen Tablets. Using Hot Tub tablets with this floating dispenser saves a lot of time compared to putting granules into your hot tub every day.

Chlorine free - Aquablanc Active Oxygen Spa Starter Kit


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