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Our 6 person swim spa is perfect for those that want more space and the ability to invite friends over to share in the luxury! Giving you more space to swim, jog, exercise or play than our Classico. Don’t forget, along with our other swim spas, that they require less space, cost less money and require less maintenance than a conventional pool. With 6 seats this is the perfect pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all in one.


Main Specifications




Dimensions (L x W x H)

5980 x 2280 x 1630 / 1480 mm

Seating Capacity

6 Adults

Lounge Seats

Double Lounge

Cooldown Positions

Single Cooldown Position

Water Capacity

9400 Litres

Dry Weight

1205 kg

Spa Shell


Shell Colours


Structural Frame

Corrosion Free Steel Frame


Heat Retention Foam


Timeproof PS Cabinet

Cabinet Colours


Control System

2 x BALBOA® control system


2 x 3 kW

Circulation Pump

2 x 1 HP/0.7 kW

Hydro Massage pump

2 x 2 HP/1.5 kW
1 x 3 HP/2.2 kW

Stainless Steel Water Jets


Swimming Pump

3 x 3 HP

Swimming Jets

6 x 7.5 Powerful Swim Jet

Lighting System

3 x Large Underwater Light

Ozone System

1 x 80 mg
1 x 60 mg

Drain Valves


Intake Valves


Easy-Flo Air Control Valves




Filtration System

3 x Cartridge Filter


Duce 6 Person Swim Spa

Choose your Acrylic Shell Colour
Choose your Insulation Cover Colour
Choose your PS Cabinet Colour
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