O-Care starter kit is the simplest hot tub water care product on the market and the best solution for crystal clear, natural hot tub water.


O-Care starter kit removes and prevents biofilm and constantly cleans your hot tub’s surfaces and plumbing system, therefore you will need less chemicals and your spa components will be protected from biofilm and calcium build-up. O-Care is made up of a mixture of high-quality minerals so it makes your spa water more natural and it will leave your skin feeling soft and cleansed.



O-Care can reduce the amount of Chlorine or Bromine needed up to 78%. Chemicals can irritate eyes, ears and skin, so O-Care is especially safe for children who love to go underwater.



Your skin will feel soft and smell very nice.

The mixture of high-quality mineral salts will leave your skin feeling soft and odourless. No need to shower after bathing.



Just add the 2 compounds to the spa water once a week using the measuring cup included. The O-Care starter kit will last 3 to 5 weeks.


O-Care Weekly Spa Care Starter Kit contains the following:

This kit will last 3 to 5 weeks 2 bottles (0.5 x 0.5 litres) each


  • 0.5L bottle Liquid 1 component.
  • 0.5L bottle Liquid 2 component.
  • Liquid measuring cup.
  • User manual.


O-Care Weekly Spa Starter Kit | Free Hot Tub Flush

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