SC708 Darlly replacement Hot Tub Spa Filter Cartridge for Sundance Spas. The Darlly SC702 (Pleatco: PSD125-2000, Unicel: C-8326 and Darlly: 81252) replacement Hot Tub Filter Cartridge for Sundance Spas.


  • 1 Year Guarantee.
  • Made with Reemay Filtration Fabric.
  • Durable plastics reduce chemical damage & increase lifespan.
  • Washable and re-usable, should outperform guarantee period.
  • This hot tub filter is compatible with multiple brand/model hot tubs.



  • 6.4cm Hole with Bevel
  • Bottom: 5cm Male Slip
  • Darlly: 81252
  • Length: 48cm
  • Diameter: 22cm
  • Sq Ft: 125



  • Pleatco: PSD125-2000
  • Unicel: C-8326



  • Sundance Spa: 6540-488
  • Sundance Spa: 6540-501
  • Sundance Spa: 6540-501
  • Sundance Spa: 6540-507


This filter replaces both the standard filter cartridge & disposable micro-clean element of a Sundance Filter. (SC721 & SC722). This is a far more cost-effective option since it avoids having to replace the micro-clean element every month. There is a bulkhead within the core for dual pump suction.

SC708 Darlly Hot Tub Spa Filter

£65.49 Regular Price
£58.94Sale Price
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