This floating dispenser is used to carry small bromine for the water treatment of hot tubs and spas. They are stored inside and slowly disperse over a period of time depending on the amount of water passed through the dispenser.


To use the floating dispenser for small bromine tablets simply remove the lid and add the necessary bromine tablets, replace the lid and adjust the outlet grills to the desired release setting and then float the device in your spa or hot tub. If you regularly test and adjust the number of small tablets required or change the grill position you will quickly be able to set the dispenser for your required needs. It is designed to float around your spa or hot tub and slowly dissolve the bromine tablets over time.


General Precautions

  • Always ensure the dispenser is removed from the water when using your spa or hot tub.
  • Handle chemicals with care, preferably outdoors or in a well ventilated space.
  • Wear gloves at all times and wash hands after handling chemicals.
  • Ensure chemicals do not become damp in storage.
  • When draining your spa or hot tub, thoroughly clean and dry the dispenser and store in a damp free environment.

Small Floating Bromine Dispenser

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