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Gemstone Series Hot Tubs

Perfectly Packaged Hot Tubs

Penguin Spas new Gemstone series hot tubs are targeting middle level in pricing and specifications in Penguin Spa products family.


Gemstone series hot tubs have 5 models to choose from 4 person to 7 person. The Gemstone series have new and innovative features to compare with other Penguin Spa products family such as water fountains, redesigned filter cover and foot massage function.

Discover the Difference of Penguin Spas

Next Generation Spa Experience


High flow deep tissue massage jets


Individual jet pressure settings


The heart of any hot tub experience is the hydrotherapy the hot tub provides. We have selected a combination of fully adjustable, hydrotherapy jets that have been expertly placed to give a different massage in each and every seating position. Also, all jets are positioned on each side of the spine to massage muscle and not bone, a feature not normally found in such affordable spas.

Light therapy

Chromotherapy is a great therapeutic technique that is used to help heal the human body. Also known as light therapy and colour therapy, it is based on the fact that different colours have different healing properties.

Penguin Spas intro series hot tubs features a multi-coloured LED lighting system that allows you to enjoy a rainbow of colour while entertaining friends, or easily select the single hue that best matches your mood.

Hot Tub Light therapy by Penguin Spas

Sound therapy

The concept behind music therapy is not new. Its benefits were known by ancient cultures from the Greeks to indigenous Americans. In more recent history, music therapy was employed in hospitals during World Wars I and II for the benefit of wounded veterans.


Doctors, nurses, and patients alike noticed how music improved the mood, overall outlook and perception of pain. In the context of spa therapy, music therapy draws upon this concept to promote mental and emotional stress relief.


Over 40 Hours of Hand-Crafted Workmanship