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What does holiday let hot tub HSG282 compliant mean to your business?

If you are considering about buying hot tubs for your holiday lodge or glamping site to increase revenue, and to extend your session, then its vitally important you take note and spend a little time so that you have a greater understanding to what HSG282 means to your business and the measures your business needs to have in place to ensure compliance.

What is holiday let hot tub HSG282 Compliant?
What is holiday let hot tub HSG282 Compliant?

What is HSG282 and what does it mean to my holiday business?

With #staycations on the rise and the self-catering market in the UK becoming increasingly competitive, it is unsurprising that many holiday homeowners are now looking at buying hot tubs due to the increasing demand from customers searching for holiday cottages with a hot tub but while it is a significant investment for your business, one thing you need to be focused on is to make sure your hot tub is adapted to be HSG282 compliant.

In 2017, the Health and Safety Executive published HSG282 guidance on the control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems. This requirement was originally covered under the document Management of Spa Pools: Controlling the Risks of Infection but has more recently been superseded by HSG282. It is basically a list of guidelines to help both manufacturers, installers, and customers, including holiday park owners meet their legal responsibilities.

Health and Safety Law – Holiday Parks and Holiday Lets

It is important to understand the guidance on operating and maintaining hot tubs to make them safe and enjoyable. The Health & Safety Executive has published guidance for anyone responsible for managing hot tubs as part of a business activity. Every property owner has a general care of duty to assess a hot tub’s risk and implement appropriate measures to ensure guest safety. By following a few simple steps and guidelines, it allows you to ensure that you are compliant.

Holiday parks – privately owned units

The HSW Act does not apply to the private owners of hot tubs installed in a holiday park unit where there is no financial gain, and they are for the exclusive use of the owner, family, and occasional guests. To ensure its safe use, the spa pool or hot tub should be used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

Holiday parks – site owners’ duties

Section 3 of the HSW Act imposes a duty on an employer (or self-employed person) to avoid exposing people who are not their employees to health and safety risks. So, the site owner of the holiday park should:

  • for private owners – liaise with the owner to ensure the safe use and maintenance of the hot tub and direct them to relevant information and guidance, including the manufacturers’ instructions, on its safe use and the risks posed to both themselves and to others from legionella.

  • for the sale and rental of spa pools and hot tubs on site – take reasonable steps to ensure the risk of exposure from infectious agents, including legionella, is understood, managed, and controlled. This would be considered part of the site owner’s business undertaking.

Domestic - type hot tubs – privately owned.

Spa pools or hot tubs installed in domestic homes or privately-owned properties (for example, in a private holiday home) for which there is no financial gain, i.e. they are not available for rent or let and are for the exclusive use of the owner, family and occasional guests, and are not subject to the HSW Act. The operational use of such systems does not therefore fall within the scope of this guidance.

Domestic - type hot tubs – used as a business activity

Domestic-type spa pools or hot tubs used as part of a business activity (eg in a holiday park rental unit or hotel bedroom(s) with their own dedicated spa, or as part of a rental agreement for a single family or group use) are subject to the general duties under the HSW Act. There is a legal requirement for these systems to be managed and controlled in proportion to the risk and the risk assessment should consider the type of pool and its use. Domestic-type spa pools are for use by a small, discrete group of people at any one time and are typically:

  • of either a rigid or inflatable/foam-filled structure with freeboard and

  • skimmer;

  • systems where the water should be changed after each rental/week, whichever is the shorter;

  • disinfected using bromine or chlorine through the use of an inline disinfectant feeder.

Although only a court can give an authoritative interpretation of the law when considering the application of health and safety legislation, HSE and local authority (LA) inspectors expect employers to follow the guidance in the ACOP or be able to demonstrate compliance with the law in some other way.

How do I ensure my hot tub is HSG282 compliant?

The HSW Act sets out very defined recommendations which should be followed to keep within the legal requirements which you can easily download a free full copy by clicking here or if you need more professional advice, contact our experts here at Penguin Spas.

Features to look out for to comply with legislation include;

  • Inline disinfectant feeder: Having the appropriate dosing control system using either bromine or chlorine will ensure the correct treatment levels are consistently applied, however it is recommended you test and record disinfectant levels at least twice daily.

  • Water capacity: Hot tubs should offer 250-litres of water per bather. This limit is in place to ensure that the Hot Tub does not exceed the maximum number of bathers at any one time. This keeps the water at an acceptable quality for risk assessments.

  • No headrests: Headrests are common on domestic hot tubs but can harbour germs and bacteria. They can also break easily, which is not ideal for a holiday let.

  • 24-hour filtration: A 24-hour filtration system is necessary to ensure adequate water clarity can be maintained through the removal of suspended particulate matter/debris in the water.

  • Written record of water testing: chemical and microbiological testing regime, including frequency, operating parameters, and actions when the results are outside parameters

What are the recommended maintenance advice for hot tubs in a business setting

The frequency of inspection and monitoring of your hot tub will depend on the operating characteristics of the hot tub. The risk assessment should define the frequency of inspection and monitoring, depending on the type of use and user, however the HSE guidance on operational actions and typical frequencies for domestic hot tubs in business settings are as follows:

At least twice daily

  • Test pH residual disinfectant level of water with suitable test kit.

  • Record results.

  • Check water clarity.

  • Add chemicals as required.

  • Record action taken.


  • Clean waterline and acrylic surfaces with Spa Surface Cleaner.

  • Check skimmer basket, clean & remove debris.

  • Check in-line chemical feeder (if applicable), refill with sanitiser if required.

Between each group of users or at least weekly, whichever is shorter

  • Empty hot tub completely of water.

  • Clean headrests and cover inside and out.

  • Inspect handrail and access steps.

  • Refill with water and shock dose with rapid shock to achieve a free chlorine level of 10 ppm (mg/l) for 1 hour.

  • Test freshwater pH & sanitiser level. Balance water. Record results & add chemicals as required.

  • Record action taken.

  • Replace cartridge filter with clean/dry filter


  • Clean/remove jets.

  • Purge spa pipework with Hot Tub Flush or use Spa Super Cleanse after heavy use or poor test results


  • Send water sample to UKAS approved laboratory for Microbiological Test.


  • Send water sample to UKAS approved laboratory for Legionella Test

FREE Hot Tub Water Hygiene Management Training in HSG282 Compliance across Scotland
FREE Hot Tub Water Hygiene Management Training in HSG282 Compliance across Scotland

Which hot tub is best for a holiday let?

The most popular hot tub for holiday parks, glamping sites and holiday lodges is the award winning ‘WhatSpa Best Buy 2023” Skye Hot Tub from Sunbeach Spas (model SB344S) 5-person energy efficient hot tub.

Each feature of the Skye Hot Tub has been carefully designed here in the UK by Sunbeach Spas in compliance with current safety guidance written by the Health and Safety Executive (HSG282) which provides constant efficiency and immediate use while ensuring utmost hygiene and guaranteeing the easiest maintenance possible resulting in an experience that becomes an asset to your business

If you are considering getting a hot tub installed for your business, it makes sense to work with a reputable hot tub supplier. Here at Penguin Spas we have a proven track record of installing HSG282 compliant hot tubs to holiday homes as well as providing the support and guidance that many of our customers are looking for. Contact us today to find out more.


About Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living

Here at Penguin Spa Premium Outdoor Living, we are passionate about delivering the best quality hot tubs, best in energy efficiency, great value for money, and unbeatable customer service. Our friendly team is here to help you choose the right hot tub for your needs and your budget.

Award Winning Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living Showroom - Scotland
Award Winning Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living Showroom - Scotland

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The air-to-water heat pump (AWHP) provides hot water directly to your swimming pool or hot tub without using fossil fuels, providing a low carbon solution for an efficient, comfortable experience. Our air source heat pumps uses 61% of natural energy absorbed from outside air and the rest of 39% comes from electricity - Tested in Scotland with outside air temperature of -1°C. True life Scottish stats.

iNHEAT Air Source Heat Pumps designed for hot tubs and swim spas - tested in Scotland
iNHEAT Air Source Heat Pumps designed for hot tubs and swim spas - tested in Scotland

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Traditional Scandinavian Sauna Barrels

Traditional Scandinavian Sauna Barrels

BaltoScandia produces more than 9 models of outdoor saunas barrels with different shapes and sizes. Each model has a unique inside layout for the most efficient space usage.

Nordic Garden Sauna Cubes

Nordic Garden Sauna Cubes

Embrace the Nordic wellness culture with our luxury range of outdoor saunas cubes that encapsulate pure, clean, modern design, powered by dedication and craftmanship.

Sauna Cabins made from thick spruce logs

Sauna Cabins made from thick spruce logs

Our sauna cabins provide a haven of tranquillity and place to unwind. This sauna cabin is constructed of solid, thick spruce log sections that are profiled for a precise fit.

Oval Saunas

Oval Saunas

The oval sauna models have been carefully designed with the sauna barrel in mind by increasing the inner volume to allow a steam room and a wellbeing chill zone for you to relax.

Custom Built Scandinavian Saunas

Custom Built Scandinavian Saunas

We can offer a complete custom-built sauna service giving you the bespoke garden sauna you're looking for! Call us today to tell us the type of sauna you want along with any specifications you may have.

Sauna Accessories

Sauna Accessories

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As our company has grown so has our passion to create amazing outdoor spaces

Whatever style garden you have, large or small, you want it to be a place that you can relax in, and escape to. As well as the obvious perks of getting more fresh air and sunlight, there are lots of other benefits of an ideal outdoor living spaces.

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BBQ Huts / Grill Cabins

BBQ Huts / Grill Cabins

Explore our exclusive range of BaltoScandia Grill Cabins & BBQ Huts available to view at our Penguin Spas Outdoor Living Showroom in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Our Scandinavian BBQ Huts are built in the traditional Lappish style of Northern Finland and offer the year-round dining culture that the Scandinavians have.

Garden Rooms and Home Offices

Garden Rooms and Home Offices

BaltoScandia garden room can be built to serve any purpose with some of the most popular uses being garden offices, garden gyms and bar/cinema rooms. With our bespoke garden rooms option, you can tailor your luxury garden room for any purpose imaginable, with multipurpose functionality and designs.

Glamping Pods - Comfortable Outdoor Living

Glamping Pods - Comfortable Outdoor Living

Our range of BaltoScandia Glamping Pods are a great choice for tourists and holiday makers who want to relax after an adventure. Because of the feeling of a home’s atmosphere in outdoor setting, with the unique characteristics of each design.

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