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Space Series Hot Tubs

Latest Hot Tub Experience

If you want to invest in a hot tub, then Penguin Spas is the brand for you. With sculptured line design, ergonomic seating with five varieties of seating moulds and one large mould to fully support any body type, integrated Bluetooth Speakers, aromatherapy, and light settings. The perfect way to relax, unwind and entertain at home.

With 3 sizes to choose from, all with a highly efficient and energy saving heating system, a 10mm thick strong cover and the R10 insulation system, owners of our hot tubs can enjoy the perfect water temperature all year round, even in thick snow!

Discover the Difference of Penguin Spas

Next Generation Spa Experience


High flow deep tissue massage jets


Individual jet pressure settings


The heart of any hot tub experience is the hydrotherapy the hot tub provides. We have selected a combination of fully adjustable, hydrotherapy jets that have been expertly placed to give a different massage in each and every seating position. Also, all jets are positioned on each side of the spine to massage muscle and not bone, a feature not normally found in such affordable spas.

Light therapy

Chromotherapy is a great therapeutic technique that is used to help heal the human body. Also known as light therapy and colour therapy, it is based on the fact that different colours have different healing properties.

Penguin Spas intro series hot tubs features a multi-coloured LED lighting system that allows you to enjoy a rainbow of colour while entertaining friends, or easily select the single hue that best matches your mood.

Hot Tub Light therapy by Penguin Spas

Sound therapy

The concept behind music therapy is not new. Its benefits were known by ancient cultures from the Greeks to indigenous Americans. In more recent history, music therapy was employed in hospitals during World Wars I and II for the benefit of wounded veterans.


Doctors, nurses, and patients alike noticed how music improved the mood, overall outlook and perception of pain. In the context of spa therapy, music therapy draws upon this concept to promote mental and emotional stress relief.


Over 40 Hours of Hand-Crafted Workmanship

Steel frame structure

The Steel Sub-Structure used in Penguin Hot Tubs has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material available. The light-gauge steel frame provides a great structural integrity, superior corrosion protection, will not expand or contract with moisture, rot, warp, split or crack and has no risk of animal infestation

Steel frame hot tub structure by Penguin Hot Tubs
American Aristech Acrylic 4-layer shell in every Penguin Hot Tub and Spa
Quad-Core 4 Layer Shell

At the core of any well-built hot tub is a quality acrylic hot tub shell. While hot tub heaters, pumps and systems are important – Hot Tub acrylic shells cannot be replaced. For this, Penguin Spas uses a 4-layer Quad-Core lamination process and curing of the shell in a temperature and humidity-controlled oven. This helps your shell last the test of time!

American Aristech Acrylics

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your hot tub shell is built to the highest possible quality from Aristech Acrylics in America, one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of hot tub acrylic. Our Sterling Silver acrylic (white with a silver marble Wash) enhances LED luminosity and appears visually cleaner, compared to darker colours which can show water marks.

Moulded Filter Skimmer

Some spas manufacturers cut through the wall of their shell to install the skimmer which can end up causing leaking problems over time. Our filter boxes are moulded into the shell and have a fixed grill to keep your kids safe. Selected models only

Everlast Thermo Cabinet

The cabinets on the Penguin Spas are produced using earth friendly Thermoclad material. Made from recycled plastics and timber by products, Thermoclad not only save the forests, but also boasts superior thermal retention properties that lead to lower hot tub running costs.

ABS Insulated hot tub base by Penguin Hot Tub and Spa
ABS Hot Tub Base

The base of your hot tub is sealed with thick, durable ABS and has additional layers of insulation on top of it, to protect your hot tub from the harsh elements and any potential vermin. This strong base will retain heat within the hot tub and seal moisture out, ensuring your hot tub will last the test of time.

Energy Efficiency
R-10 Full Insulation Technology

Penguin Hot Tubs not only strives to prefect R-10 full insulation technology, but also incorporate energy-saving technology of massage pumps.

Our partner Thermals Spas established the only hot tubs factory with witness laboratory of TUV and ETL in the world

R-10 Full Insulation Hot Tub Technology by Penguin Hot Tubs and Spas

Energy Efficiency

41.3% more Energy Efficient than a standard insulated hot tub

Thermo Insulated Hot Tub Cover by Penguin Hot Tubs and Spas
Thermo Insulated Covers

The energy efficiency of your hot tub is critical in determining how much your hot tub costs to run. Penguin Spa covers are specifically designed with full R-10 insulation to keep the heat in, even in the depths of a Scandinavian winter!


Our covers are 10mm thick, tapering down to 6mm - providing a higher level of insulation when compared to others on the market. The taper allows snow or rainwater to run off the hot tub easily. In addition, a heat seal between the two sides of the cover ensures no heat is lost from the hinge.

Thermal seal lip design

As heat rises, most heat loss in a hot tub is through the gap between the top of the hot tub and the cover.


To minimise this loss of heat, all Penguin Spas are designed with a unique thermal lock lip which provides and uninterrupted seal between the hot tub and its cover. An added advantage of this design is that it provides a beautifully clean and uncluttered, minimalist visual statement, ensuring that Penguin Spas are thorough down to the smallest detail.

Thermal seal lip design by Penguin Hot Tubs

Unique Design

Take a look under the hood

Easy one touch control pad by Penguin Hot Tubs
Easy one touch control pad

Hot Tubs should be simple to use, and the Spa Touch by Balboa control pad ensures that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to control your hot tub. All major functions can be controlled with one touch.


The hot tub control system does the rest ensuring that your Penguin Spa is always hot, clean and ready to use.

Next-Gen Ozone System

Every Penguin Spa includes our next generation ozone filtration system. Using Corona Discharge, ozone is drip fed through a Mazzi Injector into our unique Turbo Mixing Chamber, allowing ozone to kill bacteria effectively.


Some other systems just release Ozone straight into the main body of water, which is too larger volume for it to disperse and kill bacteria efficiently.

Next-Gen Ozone System by Penguin
UV Filtration Chamber by Penguin Hot Tubs
UV Filtration Chamber

Ultra-Violet Filtration Chambers are the latest in water purification technology. Added to the circulation line, water passes through the chamber, surrounds a UV-bulb and is exposed to UV light which destroys 99% of harmful organisms.


This reduces the amount of additional sanitizer required, such as chlorine and bromine, close to zero when used in conjunction with our Ozone and Microban technology. Optional, please contact us


Penguin Spas Premium Warranty

Every Penguin Spa is backed by an impressive warranty to give you peace of mind.

Contemporary design married with robust construction and materials. We put our money where our mouth is by offering our industry leading Penguin Spas Warranty. You will not find a longer or more comprehensive warranty at Penguin Spas prices.


We provide dedicated aftercare and maintenance services, delivering responsive and reliable support all year round, giving you peace of mind should anything go wrong.

10 Year Structural Warranty by Penguin Hot Tubs
10 Year Structural Warranty

Penguin Spas warrants the steel frame construction against defects in workmanship and materials leading to water loss from the spa for a period of 10 years from date of installation

7 Year Acrylic Warranty by Penguin Hot Tubs
7 Year Acrylic Warranty

Penguin Spas warrants against the loss of water through the acrylic surface of the spa shell for a period of 7 years from date of installation.

5 Year Plumbing, Heater & Jet Warranty by Penguin Hot Tubs
5 Year Plumbing, Heater & Jet Warranty

Penguin Spas plumbing system is warranted against leaking for 5 years. The heater and jets of all Penguin Spas are warranted against defects for a period of 5 years.

2 Year Pump & Equipment Warranty by Penguin Hot Tubs
2 Year Pump & Equipment Warranty

The pump and electronic control system is warranted against defects for 2 years.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We love our hot tubs and we know you will too.

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