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How to increase your holiday home business bookings with a hot tub in 2022?

If you manage a holiday park, own a holiday lodge, or run a glamping site you may be asking yourself whether to invest in a hot tub for your business in 2022. In a recent survey from Staycation Market Report 2021, 53 per cent of British people surveyed said they intended to holiday in the UK in 2022 and between January 2022 and February 2022, online searches for “holiday lodge with hot tub” experienced an 84 per cent increase with Google displaying over 23.3m results, so as a results show, having a hot tub is increasingly becoming a ‘must have’ for many guests when booking a holiday home.

How to increase your holiday home business bookings with a hot tub in 2022?
How to increase your holiday home business bookings with a hot tub in 2022?

Hot tubs are a big investment. Not just financially, but also in terms of your time and responsibility. Since 2012, Penguin Spas Outdoor Living have been supplying a range of HSG282 compliant and energy efficient hot tubs across the UK to holiday parks, holiday homes and glamping sites along with technical advice and on-site training in HSG282 compliance.

Customers are now searching for holiday homes and holiday lodge's with hot tubs

Your potential clients use Google as a starting point to find accommodation when they travel. Statistics show that every month in Scotland (especially mid-winter and mid-summer) thousands of people enter search terms such as “hot tub lodges Scotland”, “hot tub getaways for 2”, “places to stay with private hot tubs” and “luxury lodges with hot tubs” in the search engine. Do you want to miss out on these customers?

What are your customers looking for in 2022?

BBQs, swimming pools, and tennis courts are all proven to keep customers happy. But if you want to impress new customers, increase revenue, and extend your session with year-round entertainment, a private hot tub has been proven to do such.

Everyone loves to soak in a hot tub. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Scotland include Braidhaugh Holiday Park, nestles beside the banks of the River Earn, close to the historic market town of Crieff in Perthshire have a range of luxury wigwams and lodges with private hot tubs for guests to enjoy. Put a hot tub in your holiday park, hotel, or campground and you can expect an increase in occupancy levels.

Why are hot tubs great for a Holiday Lodges?

Holiday Lodges and Glamping Sites are synonymous with weekends away with family and friends all looking for that extra bit of luxury and having a hot tub has increasingly becoming a ‘must have’ for many customers looking at booking a holiday lodge. Adding a hot tub to your holiday lodge or glamping site has been proven to increase your bookings and give your holiday lodge year-round appeal.

The research... UK Independent Travelers
  • In the United Kingdom, 26% of luxury holiday travellers cited “hot tubs” as the most important amenity in their accommodation.

  • 46% of people count “hot tubs” as the most romantic feature of a hotel stay.

  • By some reports, more than 53% of people that choose log cabins, glamping, camping sites, and lodges, look for hot tubs as an essential amenity.

  • Holiday rental properties with a hot tub perform up to 54% better than those which do not.

How to choose the right hot tub for your holiday lodge and the 5 biggest mistakes?

When choosing a hot tub for your holiday lodge, you will need to carefully consider your options as there are so many different types of hot tubs in the market and choosing the wrong hot tub could cost your business financially as there are a lot of hot tub retailers advertising HSG282 compliant hot tubs and they are not.

1. Focusing too much on the initial cost of the hot tub

The biggest mistake we see hot tub buyers make, especially first-time buyers is putting too much emphasis on the purchase price of the hot tub; without considering the ongoing costs. While purchase price is important, focusing solely on that can actually end up costing your business a lot of money, cancelled bookings and bad customer reviews. When purchasing a hot tub for your business, you also need to consider the “long term costs” of the hot tub; that is how much it will cost to run, maintain and fix over its entire life. While one hot tub might be £2,000 less to purchase, it might end up costing £5,000 over its lifetime in extra energy costs and extra repair bills.

2. Not Considering Installation Costs

Another common hot tub buying mistake is forgetting about installation costs. When buying your new hot tub for your business, keep in mind that you will likely need to spend at least an additional £1,000 - £2,000 to have it installed. Costs to take into consideration are:

  • Delivery

  • Electrical hook-up

  • A base to put the hot tub on (concrete slab, deck etc)

  • Chemicals and accessories (cover lifter, steps etc)

  • Staff training in water management

Here at Penguin Spas Outdoor Living, we try to minimise these costs as much as possible. That is why we always include free delivery, free chemicals, and full staff training in water management which includes the all important documentation of compliance with every hot tub we install.

3. Underestimating the amount of maintenance required

The number one issue holiday home owners have with a hot tub in a business setting is not having a comprehensive understanding of their legal duties under the health and safety legislation (HSG282) which include:

  • Legislative requirements

  • Types and settings

  • Operation and maintenance

  • Testing and monitoring water quality

  • Hot tub checklist

When you purchase a hot tub from Penguin Spas Outdoor Living our staff will provide full training to all staff members on day of installation. For more information regarding hot tubs in a business setting, please read our blog by clicking here.

4. Choosing a hot tub with the wrong jets

One of the biggest mistakes we see business owners make when buying a hot tub for their holiday business is choosing a hot tub with 100 plus jets as appose to 40 because the proception has been more is better, right? Not quite… if more meant better performance then we’d see cars with multiple engines and umpteen wheels. What sets a Ferrari apart from a Ford is the engineering and innovation in every component coming together to give the best possible performance and a good quality hot tub is no different!

Poor quality hot tub imports with appealing price tags will pump their hot tubs full of jets because it’s cheap to do and a high number is much easier to sell. This will be at the neglect of insulation, energy efficiency, filtration, general build quality and many other key features. Going one step further, imagine taking an already thin sheet of acrylic and peppering it with 100s of holes… then add in the effects of hot water and chemical off gassing… you can imagine the result!

5. Not choosing a reputable hot tub retailer

The last hot tub buying mistake made by business is not buying a hot tub from an honest, reputable retailer. Poor after sales service can ruin any hot tub buying experience and have an impact on your business with lost revenue. When buying a hot tub, it’s important to consider the following;

  • Who you’re buying it from.

  • How long have they been in business?

  • What is their reputation?

  • Do they service what they sell?

Answering these sorts of questions can go a long way towards ensuring that you are not left disappointed by your after sales service.

How much will a new hot tub cost to buy?

Having a hot tub will differentiate your holiday home from your competitors. The thought of sitting in a hot tub, drink in hand, surrounded by stunning views, is the icing on the cake for a lot of holiday makers. Good memories and special holidays will result in happy guests. We all love happy guests! They leave good reviews, tell their friends how brilliant their holiday has been and are likely to rebook themselves. If hot tubs equal happy guests then adding one to your holiday home has to be a serious consideration.

However, the increased rates and occupancy that often come with hot tubs does not come without a cost. For a HSG282 compliant, energy efficient acrylic hot tub you should expect to pay anything between £6,995 to around £12,995.00. Whilst you can buy a domestic hot tub, the most popular hot tub for holiday parks, glamping sites and holiday lodges is the award winning ‘WhatSpa Best Buy 2022 Holiday Park Magazine” Skye Hot Tub from Sunbeach Spas (model SB344S) 5-person energy efficient hot tub and the new Eco Spas with Eco Smart Air Source Heat Pumps.

What is the best hot tub for my holiday lodge business?

Each of our holiday park hot tubs have been carefully designed here in the UK in compliance with current safety guidance written by the Health and Safety Executive (HSG282) which provides constant efficiency and immediate use while ensuring utmost hygiene and guaranteeing the easiest maintenance possible resulting in an experience that becomes an asset to your business.

If you are considering getting a hot tub installed for your business, it makes sense to work with a reputable hot tub supplier. Here at Penguin Spas, we have a proven track record of installing HSG282 compliant hot tubs to holiday homes as well as providing the support and guidance that many of our customers are looking for. Contact us today to find out more.

HSG282 Compliant Hot Tub for Holiday Homes and Holiday Lodges by Penguin Spas
HSG282 Compliant Hot Tub for Holiday Homes and Holiday Lodges by Penguin Spas


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About Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living

Here at Penguin Spa Premium Outdoor Living, we are passionate about delivering the best quality hot tubs, best quality swim spas, best in energy efficiency, great value for money, and unbeatable customer service. Our friendly team is here to help you choose the right hot tub or swim spa for your business needs and your budget.

Award Winning Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living Showroom - Scotland
Award Winning Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living Showroom - Scotland

Multiple Award-Winning Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living
Multiple Award-Winning Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living
Multiple Award-Winning Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living
Multiple Award-Winning Penguin Spas Premium Outdoor Living

Our new Scottish outdoor living showroom is an oasis of calm, showcasing a large selection of multiple award-winning hot tubs and accessories we have to offer. Based in Yieldshields, near Carluke – right in the central belt of Scotland – we are within easy reach of the M74 & M8 motorway network and less than 35-minute drive to the city of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Since 2012, Penguin Spas Outdoor Living have been devoted at creating and supplying elaborate products which are all designed to help improve people’s health, wellbeing, wellness, and happiness.

All our premium products are carefully designed and manufactured, and we strive to constantly improve ourselves and the products we deliver. We embrace new technologies and understand the importance of delivering reliable and durable products which help to improve our customers lives.

Sunbeach Spas available from Penguin Spas Outdoor Living

Sunbeach Spas are leading the hot tub and swim spa industry with energy-efficient R10 insulation and cutting edge technology. The multiple award-winning Sunbeach Spas are all designed here in the UK and are manufactured with the newest industry features which the company consistently pushes the industry forward with innovative designs and features.

Oasis Spas available from Penguin Spas Outdoor Living

Eco Spas are committed at improving the wellbeing of people and the health of our planet. Eco Spas is proud to be at the forefront of energy efficiency hot tub design and manufacture. Each of our holiday park hot tubs have been carefully designed here in the UK in compliance with current safety guidance written by the Health and Safety Executive (HSG282) which provides constant efficiency and immediate use while ensuring utmost hygiene and guaranteeing the easiest maintenance possible resulting in an experience that becomes an asset to your business.


Wood Fired Hot Tubs

We know a lot of thought and research goes into buying a hot tub and if you have not already seen a wood fired hot tub, we would strongly encourage you to come to our new outdoor living showroom where you can view the 2020 European Product Design Award Hot Tub from Tubmarine and a range of Gardenvity wood-fired hot tubs on display.

Tubmarine Wood Fired Hot Tub available from Penguin Spas Outdoor Living

Tubmarine: Since 2013,Tubmarine founder Chris Galley has worked with the engineers and suppliers throughout the UK and Europe to arrive at the new hot tub design. The end result is a hot tub that requires absolutely no electricity, heats up in less than two hours and is easy to maintain.

Gardenvity: Here at Penguin Spas, we are proud of our continuous business partnership with Gardenvity at providing UK and Ireland logistics of the safe installation of Gardenvity Luxury Wood-Fired Hot Tubs, along with technical advice and support to customers.


Outdoor Living Premium Range

As our company has grown so has our passion to create amazing outdoor spaces. Whatever style garden you have, large or small, you want it to be a place that you can relax in, and escape to. As well as the obvious perks of getting more fresh air and sunlight, there are lots of other benefits of an ideal outdoor living spaces.

Creating an outdoor living space will provide an additional space in your home to relax and unwind. Expand the space that you already have available to you. A casual living space in the garden is also the perfect place to entertain guests, to provide seating, and mingling space to enjoy evening drinks or a BBQ. Create a functional and enjoyable area for you and your family to use in the garden, whatever the weather.

BaltoScandia is a family-owned company founded with a clear objective: to create and design a premium line of Scandinavian designed outdoor living products like no other. There collection of premium Scandinavian designed cosy BBQ huts, grill cabins, glamping pods, glamping cubes, sauna cabins, sauna barrels and hot tub enclosures are all designed for private, and business uses.

Alfa Forni Pizza Ovens - Everybody Loves Restaurant Quality Pizza. Now You Can Enjoy it at Home with an Alfa Oven! Turning a traditional tool like an oven into a designer object acclaimed all over the world as a standard-bearer for “Made in Italy” and high-quality has always been the mission of the Alfa family. That is why Alfa ovens are conceived and designed as professional ovens that guarantee excellent results in baking pizza, bread and then some combined with unparalleled ease of use and maintenance.

The story of RB73 is a story of passion for fire. But also of beautiful and timeless products. Handmade by professionals with love for the product. Enjoy beautiful moments, enjoy staying outside! Think of warm summer evenings, but also throughout the rest of the year there are often beautiful days when an outdoor fireplace can be used to give that wonderful extra warmth and atmosphere on your terrace. The fires have glass fronted doors so you do not suffer from smoke, ash or sparks on the terrace.

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